social reviews

We’ve all been in them. We’ve shopped and bought and then criticize if need be. Businesses have a reputation to protect as well. This is not a secret. Businesses get complaints and praise all the time. With social media this is a big thing. I have had a couple of experiences in my own life that prove just how much businesses care about their customers and consumers. There was a few months back when a lot of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese boxes were being recalled due to a suspicion of shaved metal or something in the product.

When I went to check Kraft’s Facebook page, it had a lot of comments on it and customers wondering whether the box recall affected the online reputation product they had bought. Kraft was very active on their social media pages as well as notified the retailers as well. This led to a lot of positive talk and reputation for the Kraft brand of macaroni and cheese, in this instance.

Businesses encourage positive reviews about their products. When someone shops at WalMart, they are encouraged to leave reviews of their purchases. This is the same with Amazon and other companies like Target or BestBuy or any of those other stores that aren’t mentioned. They also are asked to rate their individual store. On apps sometimes they will have the chance to rate the particular store they go to on a daily or a weekly basis to shop or to just window-shop.

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